World Cup 2014 Predictions Semi Finals

Predicting the World Cup is not quite like trying to predict the NCAA (University)  basketball tournament held each March in the United States … it may be a little easier.  These four teams are the favorites to hoist the World Cup in Brazil in summer.

Brazil v. Germany

Spain v. Argentina

Unfortunately for the Brazilians, the home team, destiny is on the side of the Germans.  It is their destiny to raise the World Cup in Brazil and proudly wave a unified German flag, paint their faces black, red, and gold, and show a national pride the world has not seen in many years.  And Germany, do not be in such a rush to wipe the paint from your proud faces and put your national flag away, it is time for the world to forgive Germany for a shameful past they are the first to acknowledge.

The Germans I have met during my travels the past year and a half are wonderful people.  However, they seem to hang their head with a little bit of shame because of the sins of their great grandfathers.  The world can no longer hold the current generation of Germany responsible for something that happened a very long time ago.  Germany has become the leader of the European Union, one of the greatest achievements in human history, as the armies of Europe, for the first time in centuries, are finished marching against each other.  Centuries of disagreement have been put aside for unity, understanding, and a truly amazing accomplishment, single currency.  It is a model for the world and in Brazil this summer, when Germany lifts the World Cup triumphantly, the world will cheer with you.

In the other Semi Final game, Spain v. Argentina, La Roja’s quest for an unprecedented four straight major titles (Euro 2008, World Cup 2010, Euro 2o12) comes to a screeching halt to the horror of the Brazilians who will see their biggest rival play for the World Cup on their home soil.

Germany, you are the leader of the European Union, which is difficult enough, and on Sunday, July 13, 2014, you will be called upon to avert a regional war.  Argentina must not be allowed to win the World Cup in Brazil, or there are going to be some “serious” problems.  No pressure Germany …. “to err is human, to forgive is divine.”

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