Baker Mayfield after 32 starts

Baker Mayfield, this past Sunday, hit an important analytical milestone … he started his 32nd game, representing two full seasons of data.

First, Paul, I shouldn’t have to be doing this research in Mayfield’s third season. THERE IS NO SUCH THING as a bridge quarterback and I want the draft pick for Tyrod Taylor returned. We drafted Mayfield #1 overall. Why wait to begin the evaluation? Mayfield’s data represents 33 games, however, we’re concerned with the 32 starts and I have to regress the one game of data where he came off the bench and won the first game in a year and a half.

In 2018, Mayfield completed 17 of 23 passes in his first game off the bench, a data skewing 73.9% completion percentage. Mayfield’s actual completion percentage after 32 starts is 61.5%. Playoff teams complete 65% of their passes.

14 Wins, 18 Losses

How does this compare to elite quarterbacks?

Peyton Manning was .500 after two seasons, 16-16. However, Manning was a .500 QB when it came to winning titles, even at Tennessee. Aaron Rodgers was 17-15 after two seasons. Russell Wilson was 24-8 after two seasons with a 63.5% completion percentage. Now we’re talking.

Ben Roethlisberger was 26-6 after two seasons. Drew Brees had a career losing record after two seasons, barely. Tom Brady, the holy grail of quarterback comparisons, was 22-10 after two seasons.

Question of the week Paul … how many quarterbacks listed above won a title in their first two seasons?

37 Interceptions, 13 Fumbles

32 games, 40 turnovers. 1.25 per game. An interception percentage of 3.3.

Peyton Manning, 43 Interceptions, 9 fumbles, 1.625 turnovers per game.

Tom Brady, 27 interceptions, 23 fumbles, 1.56 turnovers per game.

Aaron Rodgers, 20 interceptions, 20 fumbles, 1.25 per game.