World Cup 2014 Predictions Quarter Finals

Here are the match ups I have predicted for the Quarter finals of World Cup 2014, or the Elite 8 for World Cup 2014.

Eastern Conference

Brazil v. Colombia

Germany v. Switzerland

Western Conference

Spain v. Italy

Argentina v. Belgium

Absolutely fantastic match ups for the quarter finals of World Cup 2014.  World Cup 2014 favorite and home team Brazil against Colombia.  Current FIFA World Rankings have Los Cafeteros ranked 4th and Brazil ranked 6th.  Anything less than lifting the World Cup as champions will be humiliating for Brazil and losing to Colombia will simply not be acceptable.  The last time the Colombians were highly regarded for the World Cup, it was 1994, when the World Cup came to America.  A devastating 2-1 loss to host United States, caused by an own goal by Andres Escobar, and a 3-1 drubbing by Romania, left the Colombians in last place for Group A.  Tragically, two weeks later, Andres Escobar was murdered in Medellin, Colombia, supposedly because the own goal caused huge gambling losses by the cartel.  Many attribute the defenders death to the general lawlessness that existed in Colombia in 1994 (it was only a year before that Pablo Escobar, the cocaine king of the world, was executed by the Americans in Medellin).  This incident, as reported in America in 1994, left a sour taste for many Americans who simply do not understand the passion for soccer around the world.  Many thought perhaps soccer was taken just a little too seriously around the world.  Well, America, wait until you see what happens if Brazil loses this game to Colombia, or even worse, loses in the World Cup Final to Argentina, as many are predicting.

In the other Eastern Conference quarter final game, Switzerland (I really wanted to pick Nigeria to the quarterfinals but I simply cannot ignore the FIFA World Rankings, with the Swiss coming in at 8th while Nigeria is a humble 45th) will play Germany.  The German team is destined for greatness this World Cup and the Swiss will simply be a small obstacle setting up a beautiful Semifinal match up between Brazil and Germany.

In the Western Conference, defending World Cup champion Spain, squeaking by a particularly aggressive and loose Mexico, has another extremely dangerous match up against Italy.  Lack of a true scoring threat at the forward position will Italy just short in this match up and will send La Roja to the semi finals.

In the other Western Conference quarter final match, Argentina takes on the surprisingly smooth Belgium team, in their golden generation, but the heat and humidity of Brazil turns out to be too much for the Red Devils, setting up a brilliant semi final between Argentina and Spain.

Eastern Conference

Brazil v. Germany

Western Conference

Argentina v. Spain

The dream match up of Argentina v. Brazil for the World Cup is just one game away.  And, some real possible problems if Argentina were to hoist the World Cup in Brazil.


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