World Cup 2014 Predictions Knockout Stage

Welcome to the World Cup Sweet 16.

Eastern Conference

Brazil v. Chile

Colombia v. Uruguay

Switzerland v. Nigeria

Germany v. Russia (wow)

Western Conference

Spain v. Mexico

Italy v. Japan

Argentina v. Ecuador

Belgium v. United States

You must pick 4 teams from each conference to advance to the World Cup 2014 quarterfinals, or the World Cup Elite 8.  Maybe this sport would be more popular in America if the media used terms like this.

The most intriguing match ups are the South American teams going at each other in the knockout stage.  Argentina v. Ecuador, Brazil v. Chile, and Colombia v. Uruguay.  This is the difference between finishing first and second in the Group Stage, if Uruguay were to win Group D, they would slide to the Western Conference and a much more favorable matchup against Japan.

Eastern Conference

Brazil, Colombia, Switzerland, and Germany

Western Conference

Spain, although the match up against El Tri is particularly dangerous for La Roja.  Italy, Argentina and Belgium.  This is why World Cup in 2014 is so hopeless for the Americans.  Even if they squeak through Group G by goal differential, the quality of football in Belgium is so much higher than the United States.  Give America another 20 years.  Even if the Americans somehow shock Belgium, the quarterfinal match up is against Argentina.  Even more hopelessness for the Yanks.

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