World Cup 2014 Predictions Group B

I met some Aussies on my travels this spring and a lot of them didn’t really seem to care so much because it is so hopeless for the Australians in World Cup 2014.

Group B

Spain, the defending World Cup and two time defending Euro Champion. For Spain to win World Cup 2014, La Roja will be the greatest team in the history of world soccer. No team in history has made this accomplishment.


You must pick two teams to advance to World Cup 2014 Sweet 16. There is no hope for Australia, however, whichever team does not handle Australia with authority, and Chile will do this in the first game of the group, no problem, while in other first group B game, Spain and Holland, a rematch of the 2010 World Cup Championship, Spain will do the job. They are better than Holland, leaving the Dutch demoralized heading into their second game with Chile, where all the pressure will be on The Netherlands because Chile will have a win and a nice goal differential. The similarities between Group B and Group G are striking when trying to predict the top 2 teams. Australians, you should proudly root for your team to be giant killers in World Cup 2014.


This is the World Cup where we see the South American teams are as good as the European teams. And the games are in Brazil, advantage South America. The humiliating and embarrassing loss to the Aussies leaves Dutch football stunned heading into Euro 2016. Euro is the World Cup for European teams.

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