World Cup 2014 Predictions Group E

It is interesting talking to someone from France and asking them

How do you feel for France for World Cup?

They will stop for a fraction of a second and then say

No, we will lose

Group E

You must pick two teams to advance to the World Cup Sweet 16. How do you feel for France for World Cup 2014? You will not lose in the Group stage there are not two teams in the group better than France, they will advance from the Group in maybe first position. The wild card here is Ecuador. Their best player, Chucho Benitez, died from cardiac arrest this past July, he was 27 years old. I often wonder how I’m alive at 42 as unhealthy as I live, a 27 year old soccer player died from complications of the heart. Will the Ecuadorians rally around their fallen hero and advance to the knockout stage? Or are the European teams simply better and it will be France and Switzerland advancing? The World Cup is impossible to predict, but I tell you now Switzerland and France, whichever of you do not handle Honduras with the authority of the rest of the group, you will not advance. The North American teams are receiving no respect for the tournament which to me makes Honduras a giant killer in this group. We shall see in only 2 months.


Sorry France, the tie against Honduras cost you advancement.

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