World Cup 2014 Predictions Group F

Trying to predict the World Cup is a lot like trying to predict the NCAA Basketball Tournament, it’s virtually impossible to pick all 16 team correctly that will advance to the knock out stage from Group Play and world soccer has a lot more parity just like the NCAA. And hey Americans, March Madness and College Basketball need to be replaced by University. We just witnessed University of Connecticut defeat the University of Kentucky in America’s annual University (first division) basketball tournament.

On Jun 12 2014 in Brazil, the world’s soccer tournament will begin with 32 teams competing to hoist the World Cup. The United States made this tournament, as an American it’s your responsibility to pay attention and root for your home country. And start thinking more globally. And remember America, a 5 euro note is worth more than your Abe Lincoln 5 dollar note.

The first thing I notice when researching other 2014 World Cup predictions is the African, Asian, and certainly the North American teams get no respect from the prognosticators. Take a look at Group F for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil:

Group F

Bosnia Herzogovenia

You must pick 2 teams to advance to the Sweet 16 of the World Cup. Maybe if the media used terms like World Cup Sweet 16, it would be more popular. It would also help if America made the Final Four in World Cup 2014 in Brazil but the reality is South American and European football is far superior to the soccer being played in America right now in 2014. It also matters if you finish first in the group or second although it’s really about advancing to the next round.

Argentina will win this group. Who will be second? The Cinderella Bosnian Herzogovenians appearing in their very first World Cup ever? African champion Nigeria who has appeared in 5 of the last 6 World Cups? Or Iran, a team that has never appeared in the KnockOut Stage of World Cup play?

Nigeria seems like a no brainer. And I’m not even talking about quality of soccer play, I’m only speaking about experience. The Nigerians have been there, I expect them to advance. And someone must prevent Argentina from winning the World Cup in Brazil. Nigeria winning this group would help.

Certainly Nigeria and Argentina will advance from Group F.

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