I’ve found a different avenue of sorts to write.

Here and here.

Supposedly, me linking an outside website makes my website more credible.  However, there are only 23 words written making this post less credible so I should add writings.

How does one receive their news in 2018?  On their smartphone, most likely manufactured by Apple.  There are companies, on-line entities, with a vision of digital news.  There’s no such thing as a newspaper or a magazine, the people of Earth simply go to their hand-held and get their news.  The individual chooses the outlet.

I chose to do some freelance work for the outlet linked in this post.  The writings are nothing fancy, simply recaps of NBA Playoff Games I watched, ranging from 600-900 words.  I have no idea how individuals would come across these two published pieces organically in the US.  Nor do I care.  I want to write … I enjoy to write … and the model this particular outlet is trying seems to match some personal goals.  To write everyday … to have the writings reach a potential audience … citizen journalism.

Maybe you’re from blastingnews and receive notification of blog link.  To make this piece credible, I need to get to 300 words.  Are you registered with Google News US?  Meaning when I google LeBron James, and click on news, you’re outlet has a chance to appear?  i write 800 word recap of Cavaliers/Raptors Game 1 and submit within 30 minutes of game ending.  Approved, however, the piece took time to appear on the Sports page and has yet to appear on the homepage.  The story should be the first article on Sports and the first Sports article appearing on the homepage.  Relevancy dictates.  In addition, valuable time was wasted getting the story page ranked, this was one of the first published pieces offering a recap of the Cavs game 1.

I’m one of the people who joined your outlet with an already established on-line presence.  I have blogs and a YouTube Channel, experience writing on-line, I recognize opportunities for stories by looking at your website … again, I have no idea how someone would come across us.blastingnews.com Organically … especially if you aren’t registered with Google News … and when I see my decently written LeBron James piece sitting right below a James click bait story (published by someone who obviously doesn’t have to go through the editorial process because he does video too), I think maybe I am wasting my time.  I noticed the James click bait story is no longer appearing.

And, if I, as the Author of the piece, take a picture from my television, and write this caption:

Photo by John Harrah via ESPN.

We’re good to go.  Does your outlet have the appropriate documentation for descriptions of the game?  If we’re bending that rule, let’s press on these ridiculous image rights that don’t work for the digital age.

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