World Cup 2018

I did a lot of work 4 years ago prognosticating about the 2014 World Cup … I entered those predictions in ESPNs bracket and finished in 99.5 percentile of all brackers submitted.

In 2018, no United States.  It’s a devastating blow to American Soccer and an embarrassment … congratulations Panama, you were more deserving to represent CONCACAF in the tournament.  Costa Rica brought some respect with a quarterfinal finish in 2014, emerging from their group to the Knock Out phase, will turn some heads because it means Switzerland or Brazil or Serbia didn’t advance.  Brazil Not advancing?  CONCACAF over two UEFA teams?  It would Certainly turn some heads.

Egypt and Iran … names you haven’t seen in the World Cup in recent years … Egypt in the Host group with Russia and also containing Uruguay and Saudi Arabia  When was the last time the middle east was so well represented?  Morocco and no Ghana.

Iran in Group B with Portugal and Spain … and apparently Iran set a lot of qualifying records in the process to their bid.

Iceland, 2016s Euro Championship Darling grouped with Argentina, Nigeria, and Croatia.  Pick two teams to advance.  Iceland dazzled two years ago and if they dazzle on the World Stage and advance, they’re going to be the talk of the tournament.  No one in America will care.  And you know what America, the world doesn’t really care about what’s going on here at all … The world kind of likes you didn’t make the World Cup, your presence would simply be a distraction to the tournament.

We’re journalists New York Times.  When Russian got the Olympics and the World Cup and Brazil got the Olympics and the World Cup … and Qatar receiving the bid in 2022 with talk about they’re going to change UEFA’s Schedule to accommodate because you can’t have soccer games in Qatar in June … the jig was up … something had to be done.

The FIFA investigation … are they all finished yet?  Europe wasn’t credible enough to investigate UEFA, it was too powerful … they turned to the American DoJ for help.  What, for free?  Nah … now why don’t you, at the New York Times, sit and ponder some things Europe, specifically, the CoJ/EU could help America investigate because if America investigates issue X, the investigation won’t be credible.

How about a FISA surveillance warrant on the entire Lower House of Representatives?  Before Snowden spilled the beans and it was the wild wild west … a time when FISA warrants were signed under vague “current investigation” rules and renewals were no problem.

Now we certainly can’t write about that … that investigation is a secret.

I can draw you a dotted line map linking the situation in McComb, Ohio (no sewer plant) to this investigation.  The investigation is into ARRA … how the trillion dollars actually flowed through our government … where it ended up … FISA warrants were signed 8+ years ago based on ARRA investigation.

ARRA funds were set aside … about $40BB … for improvements to things like sewer plants.  My senior law enforcement source, who wishes to remain anonymous … he was assigned to chase this $40BB down and handle an EPA IG Complaint.



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