Week 3 NFL Recap

He's showing just how special he is in 2015 without Jordy Nelson

He’s showing just how special he is in 2015 without Jordy Nelson

Week 3 of the NFL season is in the books with Aaron Rodger’s 335 yard 5 TD night on Monday Night Football at home against the vaunted Kansas City Chiefs pass defense.  After last week’s terrible loss to divison rival Denver, Kansas City was defeated soundly by Green Bay at home.

Hot Starts

Cincinnati, Green Bay, Carolina, Atlanta, New England, Arizona and Denver are all 3-0.  Is this the year Marvin Lewis and Andy Dalton shed their post season woes?  The injury to Roethlisberger, on a questionable hit that will be reviewed by the NFL, is devastating.  Baltimore is 0-3 and although Cleveland rallied late against Oakland, they’re going no where with Josh McCown at the helm.  Come on Cleveland, you made trades to draft Manziel.  If the franchise has a future right now, it’s with Manziel and the offense had some electricity in the win against Tennessee.

Surprising Starts

The 2-1 Oakland Raiders.  The 0-3 Baltimore Ravens.  1-2 Indianapolis in a division where everyone is tied with the same record.  2-1 Buffalo, 2-1 New York Jets, and quietly, in this writer’s opinion, the 2-1 Minnesota Vikings who’ll be tested in Week 4 on the road in Denver in a division where the Lions are 0-3, Jay Cutler is hurt for the Chicago Bears who were shut out on the road in Seattle, and Green Bay looks unbeatable.


Roetherlisberger aside, other big name quarterbacks are hurting Tony Romo.  Drew Brees.  Romo will be out until at least November with a broken collarbone and Drew Brees having the kind of meetings with Dr. James Andrews, a famous ligament surgeon, regarding options other than retirement.  Can Dallas remain competitive for the playoffs until Romo returns?  New Orleans is winless in a division featuring two undefeated teams

Haunting Mistakes of the Past

Watching Aaron Rodgers eviscerate the NFLs top rated pass defense after two weeks of data and San Francisco getting smashed by Arizona 47-7 made me think 2005 NFL Draft and seeing draft decisions 10 years later.  Alex Smith, the #1 pick has certainly been serviceable, Aaron Rodgers has a superbowl ring.  Numerous division titles.  Two Most Valuable Player Awards.  Rodgers was a local guy … Berkeley … he played in a pro offense … you make him the #1 selection in 2005, no one criticizes you, it was Smith or Rodgers, you needed a QB.  More interesting is the next 23 teams who passed on Rodgers.  Three running backs taken with the first 5 picks.  Ronnie Brown and Cadillac Williams from Auburn.  Cedric Benson.  Cleveland picking Braylon Edwards from Michigan who was a Pro Bowler.  You think Aaron Rodgers could have helped Cleveland?  Jacksonville who selected Matt Jones from Arkansas?  Oakland who selected Fabian Washington?  These are all teams, including San Francisco, who’ve spent the last 10 years looking for a franchise quarterback.  Alex Smith is an NFL Pro Bowl with a single postseason win in his career.  Aaron Rodgers is a two time league MVP, a superbowl ring, and six career postseason wins.  Quiz which quarterback is better?  The QB with 21 career postseason wins (an NFL record) or the quarterback with 11 postseason wins (with 13 career losses)?  Tom Brady versus Peyton Manning.  The most yards, the most TDs, those are impressive records but we live in an era where what impresses is the hardware.  Playoff wins.  Championships.  San Francisco will be especially tortured by Green Bay’s visit to Santa Clara in Week 4.

Looking Ahead

The NFL Season starts early with the popularization of Thursday Night Football.  Winless Baltimore on the road where Michael Vick will be starting for Pittsburgh who will be without Ben Roethelisberger for at least 4 weeks.  Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown and Vick may show he still has it at age 35 or at least enough because of the Bell and Brown’s talent.

Philadelphia, who may have saved their season with their win over the New York Jets, on the road in Washington where we need more data.  People were impressed with St. Louis’ win over Seattle in over time during Week 1.  Then Washington gets trounced by the New York football Giants who could be 3-0 while St. Louis lost to Washington the week before.  Dallas at New Orleans on Sunday Night Football minus Tony Romo and Drew Brees … I’m not sure the NFL and NBC had this in mind when they scheduled the game.  Detroit, looking dysfunctional, on the road in Seattle for Monday Night football who’ll use the opportunity in front of a live primetime audience to show case they’re still contenders and two time conference defending champion.



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