University Football Landscape 2015

Alabama's convincing victory between the hedges and Florida strong at home has football in the South upside down after 5 weeks.

He showed between the hedges there’s no conversation about a national champion that doesn’t include the University of Alabama

Week 5 of the University Football season is in the books and it was full of suprises.

Alabama’s convincing victory between the hedges and Florida strong at home has football in the South upside down after 5 weeks.

#1 Ohio State “struggles” on the road against Indiana.  Michigan State struggles at home against Purdue.  Ole Miss destroyed in Gainesville by Florida, TCU convincing over Texas 50-7, Baylor rolling to 63 points over Texas Tech, Notre Dame thwarted in Death Valley 24-22 against Clemson, UCLA adding to the woes out West, losing to Arizona State … Week 5 of the 2015 University Football Season, the second season of a true playoff, was full of surprises seeing 4 of the Top 8 ranked teams in the most recent AP Poll lose.

Down South

The talent level, top to bottom, in the Southeastern Conference, could become problematic when it comes time to select the Top 4 teams in the nation for the second College Football Playoff.  Is the champion of the SEC, with 2 losses, given a slot in the top 4 over a 1 loss Big 12 team?  Is the champion of the SEC an automatic berth into the playoff?  There’s a lot to be settled in the south, especially in the SEC West where things are wide open after Alabama’s convincing win 38-10 over #8 Georgia in Athens coupled with #3 Mississippi being defeated soundly in Gainesville 38-10 by Florida who’s in the driver’s seat in the SEC East, virtually controlling their own destiny in a Halloween matchup at home against Georgia while Alabama can help their cause two weeks down the road in College Station against the 14th ranked Aggies, who sit undefeated with LSU in SEC Conference play in the western conference.

leonard fournette

Your leading Heisman Candidate after 5 weeks

Will the Big 12 stumble?  TCU looked unstoppable today against Texas while Baylor scored at will against Texas Tech, a game which set a record in the over/under and with 98 total points in the game, the over was a winner.  Circle November 27 on your calendar, Baylor at TCU.  Will both teams still be undefeated?

How about the ACC?  Clemson held off a furious 4th quarter rally at home against Notre Dame.  Clemson at home in Death Valley against Florida State, currently ranked 11th and certainly moving up this week in the AP rankings along with Clemson because of the shake up in the Top 10.

Out West

Is Utah the team?  62-20 in Eugene last week, idle this week, and suddenly you’re looking at 6th ranked Utah and future games against USC and UCLA don’t seem to loom as large with the after UCLA lost in Tempe to Arizona State 38-23 and the USC loss at home to Stanford two weeks ago.  Next week, the Utes will head to Berkeley to play a Top 20 team in a conference road game that feels like a trap.  Does a 2 loss Pac 12 champion make the playoff over a 1 loss Big 12 team?   Does the Pac 12 champion earn an automatic berth to the playoff?

Up North

Ohio State escaping Bloomington 34-27.  Michigan State fending off Purdue in East Lansing 24-21.  Are these still the number 1 and number 2 teams in the country heading into Week 6?  TCU was impressive, Baylor was impressive, and suddenly a 31-28 victory over Oregon isn’t as impressive for the Spartans.  Ohio State wasn’t terribly penalized for their 20-13 over Northern Illinois and I don’t see them being penalized roughly 85 points in the AP poll to drop them out of the number 1 ranking.  They’re defending champions and undefeated.  Michigan State in Columbus followed by Michigan, quietly a Top 20 team, in Ann Arbor will define this season for the Buckeyes.

He's got his team in the Top 20. Things are looking up in Ann Arbor
He’s got his team in the Top 20. Things are looking up in Ann Arbor

Week 6 Rankings


1.  Ohio State

  1. 2.  TCU
  2. 3.  Michigan State
  3. 4.  Baylor
  4. 5.  LSU – 233 yards for Leonard Fournette, at least 200 yards in 3 straight games.  Your leading Heisman candidate.
  5. Undefeated Powerhouses – Well, at this point of the season
  6. 6.  Clemson
  7. 7.  Utah
  8. 8.  Florida State
  9. 9.  Florida – Biggest mover this week.  Too impressive over Ole Miss who was too impressive over Alabama who was too impressive over Georgia.  Transitive properties of algebra play through in University Football Rankings.
  10. 10.  Alabama – 1 loss Alabama.  At home against LSU November 7th.
  11. Undefeated Pretenders
  12. 11.  Texas A&M
  13. 12.  Oklahoma
  14. 13.  Northwestern
  15. 14.  Oklahoma State
  16. 15.  California
  17. 1 Loss Contenders

    Welcome to the party Toledo.

    Welcome to the party Toledo.

  18. 16.  USC
  19. 17.  Stanford
  20. 18.  Wisconsin
  21. 19.  Michigan
  22. 20.  Georgia
  23. 21.  Ole Miss
  24. 22.  Toledo – Welcome to the Top 25 Mid American Conference
  25. 23.  Iowa – Undefeated Iowa.
  26. 24.  Boise State – Voters love all those points.
  27. 25.  Oregon – Were you able to squeak one out in Boulder?
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