The Iroquois

These are perhaps the most famous Indians in American History.  That’s what you learn to call the indigenous people of North America when you go to public school in America ages 5 to 18.  Indians.

The Iroquois were actually a coalition of Indian forces forming an alliance as early as 1150 for mutual border protection.  The most famous of the Iroquois Coalition were the Mohawk.  The Mohawk were the first natives to be armed by European powers, in the 1650s, about 150 years after a no arming native populations policy.

The Iroquois allied with the British during their war with France and Spain in the 1750s for control of North America in what’s known as The Seven Year War amongst the scholarly, and the French and Indian War in American history.  Because the French had their allies as well, the Huron, another famous Indian tribe in American history.   Britain won making the Huron a defeated people.  And, they were already a defeated people because they lost their land to the Iroquois Confederation when the beaver trade became so profitable, in the eyes of the natives, they went to war to get more.  These are known in history about The Beaver Wars.  I don’t remember in my American public school, age 5-18, learning about the Beaver Wars.  We learned about the French and Indian Wars where Britain and the founding fathers defeated the French, and Indians, leading the declaration of a new country in 1776.

The Iroquois honored their british alliance during the American Revolution so now the Iroquois are a defeated people in american history.  We read history ABOUT defeated people, not a history regarding defeated people.  There’s no people in human history who have been more defeated than the indigenous people of North & South America when Europeans found an untapped land of riches in about 1500.  500 years ago, in 1513, all of Europe was enamored with The New World.

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