The 2017 NFL Draft Live Blog – Round 1

Starts in about 5 minutes Cleveland is on the clock and it’s somewhat surprising … Cleveland will apparently select the best player available, Myles Garrett.

Principle #1 in the New NFL … get to the opposing QuarterBack.

Ideally, this draft card has been filled out for months.  Pass Rushers have a higher bust rate in the New NFL but Cleveland simply can’t ignore the Metrics on Garrett.  He may be the best prospect Ever.  Here comes Warlord Goodell to the podium.

The Cleveland Browns are officially on the clock.   Garrett

First trade of the night.  Chicago has moved to the 2nd spot in a trade with San Francisco where the Niners gain and additional 3 picks.

and wow, it’s Mitchell Trubisky.  Every Cleveland Browns fan just breathed a big sigh of relief.  13 career starts, Good luck in Chicago.  The analysts were talking about Stanford DE Solomon Thomas … didn’t make sense to me a team would trade 3 draft picks to move up 1 spot and select a defensive end.

Niners on the clock.  Solomon Thomas?  With a new regime?  And two solid backups?  Do we see DeShaun Watson go now?  Cleveland fans would breathe an even bigger sigh …

Jacksonville on the clock.  With Tom Coughlin in charge.  Every prognosticator has LSU RB Leonard Fournette going at this pick.  I’ve thought all along this is where the run on offensive linemen begin … Cam Robinson from Alabama … because the NFL values offensive linemen ahead, way ahead, of RBs.

Well, maybe that’s why the prognosticators get big bucks … Fournette to Jacksonville.

Tennessee on the clock.  A trade?  Mike Williams from Clemson giving Mariota a desperately needed weapon on offense?  Best player on the board Jamal Adams?  Wow, Corey Davis from Western Michigan (go MAC).

The New York Jets on the clock, OJ Howard, the stupendous TE from Alabama?  Another QB to develop?  Best player on the board, Adams?  Jonathan Allen still available?  Congratulations Jets Nation, Jamal Adams just kind of fell to you.

The brand new LA Chargers are on the clock.  Jonathan Allen or Malik Hooker?

Mike Williams, the Big Receiver from Clemson.  Not one of the prognosticators … the ones I read … had the Chargers picking an offensive player.

Carolina on the clock.  Christian McCaffrey has been mocked here for 6 months.  Yet as poor as they were against the pass because of letting Josh Norman escape to Washington, how can this pick Not be Marshon Lattimore?

Cincinnati on the clock with Jonathan Allen on the board?  Buffalo on the clock after, with both of the WRs gone but OJ Howard available?

John Ross to Cincinnati now the first round WRs are really all gone.

Wow, Kansas City traded with Buffalo at #10.  DeShaun Watson has to be the pick.  Pat Mahones?  Texas Tech has a long history of failure at the NFL level.  Buffalo, congratulations, you have two first round picks in 2018.

New Orleans Saints on the board with Jonathan Allen still available?  The Alabama lineman being drafted outside the Top 10 is one of the surprises of the night.

It could be a big night for Cleveland …. with the QBs being selected, they can get help in their secondary because Malik Hooker and Marshon Lattimore are Still available.  The two Ohio State players being drafted outside the Top 10 is another surprise of the night.

Saints went secondary … Lattimore.  It’s kind of a dream scenario for Cleveland with Hooker being available at #12, yet early in the process Cleveland really like Jonathan Allen.

Wait for the Browns second pick … Cam Robinson playing RT for a year or two then moving to left but Allen and Hooker are just too appealing and maybe Cameron Ervin will excel at the position.  Wow, Cleveland is winning … Houston just traded to #12 most likely to take Deshaun Watson.  Congratulations Cleveland, you have two first round picks next year as well.



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