Samesun Backpackers Hostel Vancouver

SameSun Vancouver

Do yourself a favor, skip the 19 year old university party crowd, filthy conditions, and overpriced Granville Street and stay at a Cambie Hostel

Over the past 18 months, I’ve stayed in over 40 hostels around the world and SameSun Vancouver is easily the worst hostel of the bunch.  What makes it such a terrible experience?  I could easily write a review on hostelworld and give them all zeroes.  I could even go to trip advisor and write a review.  But alas, I have my own website where I can make a page about whatever I want and write about whatever I want.  The hope is one day, when a perspective traveler googles Samesun Vancouver, this web page will come up near the top and people can read about my experience and hopefully stay somewhere else.

First, the hostel is located in the heart of Granville Street, the most touristy part of Vancouver, and easily the most expensive.  There are many bars, restaurants, and night clubs to choose from very close to the hostel, all of them overpriced and packed to the brim with people visiting the city.

Second, the rooms are tiny with even tinier lockers.  In a four person room, the two bunk beds leave about 12 square feet of floor place and if your roommates have the type of gear that does not fit under the bed, there will literally not be an inch of space to take a single step.

Third, the hostel is filthy.  There is a single restroom on each floor, accommodating approximately 100 guests, with 3 shower stalls, 2 toilets, and a single urinal.  Needless to say, the wait is tremendous and although the hostel says they clean it twice per day, it is always filthy.  In addition, these bathrooms offer little privacy and the showers are so small, you cannot take a single step forward or backward, one is only able to turn at ninety degree angles in order to become clean.  And, the water pressure is terrible.  And, there’s a nasty little bed bug problem.

Fourth, the hostel is extremely noisy.  Filled with 19 year old European and Australian travelers who love to get drunk and be loud at all hours of the night.

Finally, there are far better choices in Vancouver.  The Cambie Hostel offers local charm, affordable prices, a quiet, extremely clean environment, and you’re gonna meet far more charming people than you would ever meet at Samesun Hostel Vancouver.  Here’s to hoping you read this page and made the decision to stay at one of the Cambie Hostels, a far superior choice to SameSun Vancouver.


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