Our Planet – A story

Our planet's uniqueness in the known universe is a plethora of fresh water.

Our planet’s uniqueness in the known universe is a plethora of fresh water.

In North America lie the 5 Great Lakes on Planet Earth, her largest collection of fresh water.  Her greatest natural resource.  Her most powerful feature.  Not too hot not too cold.  Goldilock Zone of our star.  How many stars are in the milky way?

It’s interesting to see the international boundry … okay new United States of America, you can keep all of Lake Michigan …. but the other Great Lakes, we’re splitting down the middle so we both have access.  Compromises because both nations were finished … no more wars in the new world, come on it’s 1815, there’s all these new crops to farm … and by 1825 the Erie Canal connecting the Great Lakes with the Atlantic Ocean …. boom times were in the future.  Food.

The satellite photo above is interesting.  I like pictures.  They help tell a story.  Look how dry North America is from Mexico up into Canda.  Brown dry earth.  The Sonoran Deert … the Mojave Desert … the Chihuahuan Desert … Prehistoric deserts taking shape.

8 billion fresh water consumers.  It’s a lot.  It’s nice to read about record snowfall in the rockies, smack in the middle of the new desert stretching a couple hundred miles inland from the Pacific Coast at the US Canada Border, in Washington State, through central mexico, including the “Baja” Coast?  I’m going to ask Neil DeGrasse Tyson on Twitter because I can do that.


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