Northwest Territory

Here's what America looked like around 1800.  Ohio's unmistakeable mark, the southern border, marked by the Ohio River

Here’s what America looked like around 1800. Ohio’s unmistakeable mark, the southern border, marked by the Ohio River

The Northwest Territory would become 3 U.S. States (Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana) and parts of 2 others (Wisconsin, Minnesota) and was the stage for our new nation to grow West.  The territory was created by lands ceded by the British Empire as part of the Treaty of Paris, the document that ended the colonists revolution against the crown and created a new nation.  It’s interesting to note this land had been previously set aside for Native Americans and starting in 1763, colonists were not permitted to settle west of the Appalachian Mountains.  Twenty years later, they would sign this land over to a new nation.  The white man breaks another promise, and this had already been going on for 250 years, the white man making promises to the Indians regarding land, yet another inevitable push West.

It is important to remember our friendly neighbors to the north, the docile Canadians.  This is still one of the queen’s holdings, she legally OWNS all of Canada, and creation of the Northwest Territory was about establishing the borders of the new American nation and the continued British holdings on the continent.  Just 30 years after signing the treaty to end revolution in the colonies, America and Britain would war again for control of the continent.  In 1812, with the map of America looking very much like this, military leaders recognized the vulnerability of America’s western flank and the first trails were cut into what would ultimately become Hancock County.  The first white settlers weren’t far behind, arriving at Fort Findlay in 1815.

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