Minnesota Vikings Draft 1.0

I have a couple buddies who are from Minnesota of course love the Vikes.  Skol!

You landed the Free Agent Prize of 2018, Kirk Cousins.  To me, and what do I know about NFL Football? … QB wasn’t really the problem in 2017, you had a magical play to extend your playoff run to the Conference Championship. Then, history took over … do I have this correctly … 4 Superbowl losses in the 1970s, plus 1998 (dude missed 1 kick all year), 2000, where Kerry Collins threw 5 touchdown passes, 2015 (Jinx), and now 2017 (the magical play then blown out where Nick Foles also put up Hall of Famer playoff numbers)?   Plus something happened in like 1987 or something … Surely with the signing of Kirk Cousins, it’s a Superbowl Championship in 2018.

Sheldon Richardson may have been the defensive Free Agent Prize of the 2018 NFL Season … of those who actually hit the open market … he’ll be a wonderful addition to your defensive interior.  The current defensive line is literally the second incarnation of the Purple People Eaters.  You’ll probably hear the media refer to Everson Griffin, Linval Joseph, Sheldon Richardson, and Danielle Hunter as the purple people eaters but remember where you read it first.

You’re getting an on paper Elite NFL Quarterback.  Multiple seasons of data and the defensive line is going to be problematic for any NFL team, and will Have to take the pressure off your secondary.  Xavier Rhodes is a lock down corner and coming off his first All Pro Team.  He’ll also turn 28 before this season begins.  Terrence Newman is still a free agent and I’ll be curious to see if a team brings him in to compete for a spot covering NFL receivers at age 40.  Trae Waynes?  Maybe he blossoms in his fourth season.

It’s no secret you need help on the offensive line.  And corner.

One of the issues, #VikingsNation, is you’re picking late because you did so well last year.  3 picks in the first 94.  You have 5 choices starting with 167 overall in the fifth round and ending with pick 225 overall in the seventh round making a total of 8 draft picks and you have a chance to hit a grand slam … a 5th rounder or beyond who becomes a Pro Bowler like Richard Sherman.  Or a Hall of Famer like Antonio Brown.

Let’s go over a couple scenarios for the 2018 first round selection, 30 overall …

1.30 – Connor Williams, OT/G, Texas.  He can play either, both positions of Need in 2018 for the Vikes.  Isaiah Wynn, OT/G/C, Georgia.  He can play all three positions on the line.  Versatility, and these guys are talented.  Maybe too talented to be sitting available at 30.  Billy Price, G/C, Ohio State, your other Ohio State offensive lineman is working out nicely.  If all three of these lineman are gone by pick 30 on the first day, then CB is a better pick here.

1.30 – Jaire Alexander, CB, Louisville.  Isaiah Oliver, CB, Colorado.  There’s a talent drop off at corner after maybe 6 CBs viewed as “elite”.  Denzel Ward (Ohio State), Joshua Jackson (Iowa), Mike Hughes (Central Florida) … no chance of these 3 CBs at 30, they Will be gone.  Jaire Alexander, Oliver, Carlton Davis (Auburn), Donte Jackson (LSU) … these are all talented prospects worth a first round selection and probably available in this range.

2.30 (62 overall) – Brian O’Neill, OT, Pittsburgh and Jamarco Jones, OT, Ohio State.  Even if you got a dream come true scenario of Connor Williams, who you Couldn’t pass on in the first round, these two names make a lot of sense, if they’re available, because you didn’t get one of the 6 corners listed above, and there aren’t going to be CBs worth this high of a selection.  You’re also heading into the third round where it would make more sense to draft a CB at 3.30.

Your first two draft picks ended up being offensive linemen.  You just guaranteed an $86 million dollar contract to your QB.  Protect him … yeah, our first two draft choices in 2018 were offensive linemen, it just kind of made sense when you took a look at team needs and the investment we made at QB.

3.30 – Corner.  Kevin Tolliver II, read about him.

No fourth round pick this year.

5.30 (167 overall) – Corner.  Depth in the Secondary.

three sixth round choices … Corner.  Depth on the Defensive Line.  Who are these names after the starting 4?  Offensive Line.

7th round choice … Defensive Line depth.

The Vikings intrigue me in 2018.  I expect a regression.  Dalvin Cook is the X Factor and if the regime does something like draft 3 offensive lineman, including the first 2 picks, and Cook is fine … you just might be able to compete offensively with Green Bay.  Maybe Laquan Treadwell falls into the mode of a WR breaking out in his 3rd season.  Diggs, Thielen (certainly he’ll regress … you take him on Your Fantasy football team), Treadwell, now Kendall Wright .. Kyle Rudolph … and Dalvin Cook … all QB’d by Kirk Cousins.

It’s not difficult to be enthusiastic as a Vikings fan in 2018.  On paper, this is Already a good team.  You’re one of the teams not acquiring draft capital … you basically have Your Draft choices plus a couple compensatory picks in the sixth round … and you have a chance to show these analytics clowns how to use the draft to compliment your team when it’s already playoff ready.


I’ll be curious to see if the Vikings make these 8 selections and how close I came to predicting the positions selected.  Wow, there’s some guy out there saying the Vikings are taking three offensive linemen and three cornerbacks in 2018 NFL Draft, now only 8 days away.

I’m going to try and write a couple more of these Opinion Pieces for other NFL teams, after all, I am read at the NFL Executive Level.  I can’t say which team.

NFC North Standings 2018 – A little prediction

Detroit – 12-4

Green Bay – 11-5

Minnesota – 9-7

Chicago – 6-10


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