5 Reasons Coach Mike Pettine Doesn’t Get It

I’m extremely critical of new Cleveland Browns coach Mike Pettine.  Here’s 5 reasons why:

1. Josh Gordon on the field in the first 2 preseason games.

Coach, you have to practice like you’re going to play.  The offense has looked horrendous in the first 2 games and this has been WITH Josh Gordon on the field.  He played into the third quarter in the second game against Washington.  Maybe you’re hopeful the marijuana suspension will be overturned … you have to understand, even if this happens, Goodell is going to suspend him for a year as a repeat offender of the NFLs personal conduct policies.

2.  Brian Hoyer is the starter. 

He needs your confidence coach.  Naming him the starter then talking about how a 2 QB system is “on the table” isn’t the nod of confidence Hoyer needs.  And hey Coach Pettine, the 2 QB system doesn’t work in college and it’s not going to work in the NFL.  How much of playing QB in the NFL today in 2014 is about confidence?

3.  Who made the draft decisions?

How collaborative was the 2014 NFL Draft with new General Manager Ray Farmer, who had the privilege of serving with Scott Pioli in Kansas City because the 2014 NFL Draft for the Browns was outstanding.  Acquiring Buffalo’s first round pick for 2015, a potential top 5 pick because Buffalo will be atrocious in 2014, landing CB Justin Gilbert and QB Johnny Manziel, and OL Joel Bitonio who can play all 3 positions on the offensive line was masterful.

4.  Which QB gives the Browns the best chance to win?

In Week 1 @ Pittsburgh, Hoyer has the edge … he has to show something Saturday, August 23, 2014 in the preseason game against St. Louis and in my opinion, Hoyer needs to show something special.  Show he’s the leader of the team and in command of the offense.  It would help he knew he had your support Coach Pettine.

5.  When does Manziel take over?

The bye week comes early this year for the Browns, in Week 4.  Games @ Pittsburgh, then Baltimore and New Orleans at home.  0-3 going into the bye week … I believe Manziel will be ready Week 5 @ Tennessee after 4 preseason games followed by holding a clipboard for 3 NFL games plus an extra week to prepare.  Barring an injury to Hoyer who has looked awful in the two 2014 preseason games.  You sure do have a tough job coach and it doesn’t make it any easier the eyes of the entire sports world are directly on your training camp.

That’s right world, Cleveland is the capitol of the sports world.  Thanks Johnny Football and LeBron James.  You’re making Ohio more famous.



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