A Letter to Tom Henry

Dear Mr. Henry,

The world of social media has brought the opportunity to both share and solicit your help in a situation regarding drinking water in McComb, Ohio.  There’s a story here Mr. Henry based on these two documents and The Village of McComb entering into a BiLateral Agreement with Ohio EPA Enforcement in May, 2014.

Village of McComb Drinking Water Notice

Village of McComb Drinking Water New York Times

The Village of McComb’s quarterly sample for Stage DBPR is due between 08/08/2014 and 08/14/2014.  Perhaps this story will break on it’s own depending on the results of this quarterly sample.  I solicit your help in retrieving the following documents.

1.  2010 Village of McComb IDSE Report – I requested this document from the Bowling Green Regional Office on July 15, 2014.  I have yet to receive my copy.

2.  A copy of the last 12 quarterly Stage DBPR Test Results

Thank you for your attention to this matter, if any.  Maybe there isn’t a story here and my theory is wrong.  Maybe, at the very least, you follow me on Twitter, like The Ohio EPA

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