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Welcome to Ohio Johnny Manziel, I’m excited you’re here. I’m on a quest to make Ohio more famous and you’ve done just that … thank you. You’ve made Ohio the center of the sports universe in America.

Welcome to Cleveland Johnny Football, you have a chance to be a savior in the most cursed sports city in America.

I wrote about the 2014 Cleveland Browns Draft here.  The beautiful thing about you coming to town Johnny is Cleveland got more picks, filled a huge need with the #8 pick, brought a franchise QB to town, and again have 2 first round draft picks in 2015.

Welcome Johnny Cleveland.  We in Ohio know you’re here to save us all because no true Ohioan is a Bengals fan.

I really did not think Manizel would be available with pick 26, here were my thoughts on Manziel and some of the early action in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft.

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