Jaws, from 1975, is on HBO.  One of the things about that movie so disturbing is when the 8 year old little boy gets killed by the shark and the town decides they do actually have a shark problem, even though they thought the first person was “maybe” killed by a shark but didn’t take any appropriate action, so the second person killed by the shark is a little kid.  And you still haven’t seen the shark.  The way Spielberg builds the anticipation of the first time you really see the shark is amazing.  Amazinglyleet.

“Leet” is game-speak, or nerd speak, for Elite.  Or internet speak.  It’s amazing times we live in with this whole internet thing going on where I can sit and watch Jaws and put information on the world wide web all at the same time, how is that not amazing?  The link above is to my gaming website where I blog and post videos to my YouTube Channel.

And that’s what this website is about, when you see a link, click on it and you’ll learn more.  This is more about me.  And my creations.  Which are eternal as long as someone updates the hosting information which when I renew them, I shall renew them for the maximum of 5 years.  I wonder how much it will cost?  It’s not like anyone reads anyway.  But, if I write stories like this, maybe some people will read.  Because they want to be learned.



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