Internet Regulation

Certainly this is an on going journalistic story.  I can’t believe they’re going to let Mike DeWine, a state attorney general under federal investigation for Criminal violations of United States Code.  I should have went to the Guardian.  Mike, you can’t send your BCI guy to an EPA CiD office.  There’s no such thing as a joint Attorney General / EPA Criminal Investigation Division … can i at least HOPE some of these PLEAS have reached someone at the New York Fucking Times who understands the difference between a civil violation and a criminal violation as well as the difference in AGENCIES who handle such INVESTIGATIONS?

Google polices the internet as they fit when it comes to managing their AdSense program and protecting their clients from Invalid Clicks.  Get me a Civil LawSuit stating them banning a website publisher, NO MATTER how small, from AdSense, somehow violated some kind of rights (the justification for the lawsuit) so I can get a judge’s subpoena on HOW GOOGLE polices … specifically, the information they collect and analyze to determine an “invalid click” on a paid advertisement on a valid HTTPS website.  Would it shock you to learn Google is reading your emails, texts, social media posts, reading transcripts of your phone calls … etc., etc., etc.

Apparently you don’t like the other criminal investigation EPA wise in Region 5, the one in Ohio.  And apparently there isn’t much to write anymore about the criminal investigation in Michigan, the one about Flint.  What?  We can’t write about it because it’s an ongoing investigation?  Erin Brockovich can’t file a lawsuit on behalf of an ohio village getting served mercury contaminated unregulated ground water?  What country am I living in?  One with a free press?

Sorry Google, you got a little too big for your britches.

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