Fort Findlay

The city of Findlay lies in the distance down a murky Blanchard River

The city of Findlay lies in the distance down a murky Blanchard River. Fort Findlay lied just before the white bridge in the distance, right side of the photograph

Early in the War of 1812, the first path was cut from Urbana, Ohio, to the banks of the Blanchard River where Fort Findlay was established.

Do you ever wonder why you do not hear about the War of 1812 waged with Britain from 1812-1815?  Because America lost that war.  The opposing army burned down the house where our President lived and burned down the building where our Congress met.  We are amidst 200 year anniversaries of the events between 1812 and 1815 when a young country again waged war against Imperial Britain for control of North America and disputed borders of our new country.  Yet very few celebrations, though there has to be something planned next year in Baltimore for the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Baltimore which inspired Francis Scott Key to write The Star Spangled Banner.  The battle was fought 12 Sep 1814 – 15 Sep 1814.  Much of this second war for the continent between England the United States of America was fought for control of the Northwest Territory.   The military recognized the need to defend our borders and cut this path from Urbana on their way to Fort Detroit, where the young American army would be routed by British/Native forces, jeopardizing the future of the young state of Ohio, only 9 years old when the second war with Britain occurred.

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