5 Things on the Election of 2016

Ah, presidential election time in the United States.  The candidates are declaring and Super Tuesday is less than 9 months away (1 March 2016).  Where does the time go?

1.  So Many Republican Candidates

23 officially declared candidates for 2016.  In 1960, there were 4.  In 1940, when the entire world was at war, with the exception of the United States, there 10.  In 1980, there were 9.  Is there any doubt The US Presidential Election of 2016 will be historic in many different ways?

2.  So Few Democratic Candidates

4 as of this writing.  The torch of liberal, progressive ideals embracing tolerance, acceptance, change … merely being passed to the next most logical candidate.  The first African American President followed by the first woman President.  Historic.  Three two term presidents in succession … historic.  The crying of the conservatives … historic.

3.  The Blue Wall Stands Rock Solid

The Blue Wall leaves the Democratic Nominee 14 electoral votes shy of election.

The Blue Wall leaves the Democratic Nominee 14 electoral votes shy of election.

A massive 55 electoral votes from California.  29 from New York.  This map above tries to give the Republican Nominee a glimmer of hope.  All the gold states could choose Red in 2016 with the exception of Ohio … so goes Ohio so goes the nation … and the Democrats win.  The reality of this blue wall and this upcoming election is going to leave conservatives in America wondering where to go next.  We are perhaps witnessing the implosion of the Republican Party and a fracture into 3 new parties, all stealing votes from each other, the ultra conservatives, the moderates, the left leaning … these 27 nominees plus the ultra conservative groups (think tea party), who will have a forum in this election … the first true election in the United States of America during the digital age.

4.  The Digital Age is a true game changer

Maybe it should be called the social media age.  The internet age.  The capability for anyone and everyone, with proper identification, to have a forum … a platform … a way to share their ideals.  Internet.  Twitter.  I would say facebook but that’s so 2008.  Google.  Candidates can wait longer than anytime in history to officially declare for President.  Social Media, our instant access to information … As unprecedented in history as this upcoming election.

5.  It’s a woman’s turn in the driver’s seat. 

The reality of the Blue Wall and the Republican’s impossible path to the White House electorally aside … we’re ready in the United States of America for a female head of state.  I would have thought a place as progressive and free as we are in America would have been more pioneering in having a female head of state.

Madam President Clinton.  Madam President Fiorni.

Hey Republicans, you want a legit shot at the White House in 2016, Fiorni is your gal.  Give women a choice on another woman because there isn’t a woman I know in life that’s going to vote for a Republican … and I know some die hard republican women … if the other choice is a woman.  It’s the great undetermined factor and why this election is another 332-206 landslide …. being a woman comes first.

When the Republican party is finished with their primary process, and a candidate is selected … it will have been such a gruesome process, the filth slinging … while the Democratic nomination was merely a formality …

A dire prognosis for conservative Republican America.

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