Buffalo Bills 2018 Mock Draft 1.0

What’s up #BillsNation. Thought i would throw you a bone on an avenue your beloved Bills Could take in the upcoming 2018 NFL Draft.

First, don’t trade up for a QB.  Use these first 5 selections (in the top 69 overall) to build a core for your team.  Cordy Glenn is gone, Richie Incognito retired.  What’s the point of having your franchise QB of the future with all these holes on the offensive line?  How effective with LeSean McCoy be at age 30?  Will Chris Ivory stay healthy?  He’s the kind of between the tackles violent runner who complements Shady’s game.  How many running lanes are the offensive line, as it currently stands, be opening?  Tre’Davious White is all world at CB entering his second season but who else?  Preston Brown started every game at MLB the past 3 seasons, now he’s in Cincinnati

1.12 – Roquon Smith, LB, Georgia – a domino effect of talent moving down the board because of all the trading QB frenzy in the Top 5 … a game you chose NOT to play this year.  Give AJ a chance.

1.22 – Connor Williams, OT/G, Texas

2.53 – Rashaan Evans, LB, Alabama

2.56 – Equinemous St. Brown, WR, Notre Dame

3.65 – Kevin Tolliver II, CB, LSU – undervalued because of effort concerns … coaching fixes this in the NFL.  Except in Cleveland where coaching makes things worse

3.96 – Duke Eljofor, DE, Wake Forest – being undervalued because of injury concerns.

4.117 – OT, without the pressure to play LT.  Williams will be so good … and needed .. at guard, there’s still needs at RT and C.  Select a guy you Think, Maybe, with some development and Coaching, could be an All Pro LT.  For now, they can try out at RT and try to make a roster spot.

5.157 – WR, Although it makes a lot of Sense for #BillsNation to try and sign Dez Bryant

Face it Buffalo, you need offensive linemen, linebackers, wide receivers and TE More than you need one of these four guys in this year’s draft.  The highest graded QB, Sam Darnold, at a 94 overall, ranks the same as Ryan Tannehill … according to ESPN.

And let’s face it, this year has the potential to go very badly.  2-14 bad.  The smart teams will be trying to get your 2019 first round draft pick because it’s guaranteed to be Top 5, especially if you actually made the move into the Top 5 and picked your QB of the future in 2018, when your team has a suspect offensive line and needs at WR and even TE.  What’s the point of having Josh Rosen or Baker Mayfield when your defense struggles to get off the field?

Let’s pull out a crystal ball and prognosticate the Buffalo Bills situation one year from today, after the 2018 NFL Season is complete.

What, you went 2-14 in 2018, have your guy Mayfield, unless you’re really gonna pay the price and move to #2 and take Rosen? .. Did it matter in 2018, because this team has all these holes addressed above and it didn’t matter who was playing QB, the Bills just Couldn’t be competitive.  Gave up so many sacks and couldn’t run the ball effectively because we traded away our LT and our perhaps Hall of Fame guard retired, you gave up all your draft capital, and the lynch pin of your defense signed elsewhere.

One can prognosticate Zay Jones isn’t really going to work out, especially with two seasons of data.  Kelvin Benjamin, maybe 2018 is his first season of playing All 16 games.  Andre Holmes, Brandon Reilly, Malachi Dupre, Rod Streater … As of right now, what’s our 3 receiver set #Bills nation?  2018 has a chance to go Very Badly.

2-14 in 2018 puts you in a position to choose your QB in 2019.  Drew Lock, Clayton Thorson, Shea Patterson, Jacob Eason, Jarrett Stidham.  There will plenty to choose from in 2019 and you’re near the top of the draft.

Give AJ a chance to lead.  A real chance to evaluate his capability without looking over his shoulder because the Bills Organization just traded the farm for his successor.  Mike Glennon, Matt Flynn, they never really got the chance because their respective teams went ahead and put in their rookie, which at some point during a 2-14 season, you would almost be mandated to start the QB you traded up to get in the 2018 NFL Draft.

The Bills play the NFC North this year … Green Bay, Minnesota, Detroit, and Chicago.  New England twice.  Houston, Jacksonville, Tennessee, the LA Chargers, and of course, the Jets and Dolphins twice.  Find me a 6-10 season from this list of teams.  4-12?  3-13?

Fill these dire team needs with these first 5 draft picks in the 2018 NFL Draft.  Give #BillsNation a chance to go 8-8 … a shot .. Find AJ McCarron an option other than Benjamin and Clay, besides Zay Jones.  Equinimeous St. Brown, with his size and Kelvin Benjamin with his size, lined up at LWR and RWR, that’s going to cause secondaries some problems. Grab one of these do it all LBs at pick 1.12.  Pick a guy who can play guard or tackle at 1.22. Another LB mid second round.

Pick another LB sheesh.  A Corner.  Another Offensive Tackle, Can you ever Really have Too Much Depth on the Defensive Line.

Don’t make the trade into the Top 5 in the 2018 NFL Draft and you put whatever QB you take in 2019 in a better situation.  Poor AJ McCarrron, he’s inheriting a mess, a team with a lot of holes and a lot of draft capital to make their team better Now.  Don’t give it all up to take a QB in the top 5 this year, then spend the next 2 seasons trying to replenish a depleted roster with young talent, difficult because you gave up so much draft capital to move up this year.  It doesn’t make any sense Bill Nation.

Exactly who’s in charge of things over there?  Because just about every draft prognosticator out there has you trading into the Top 5 to select a QB.


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