5 Reasons the Cleveland Browns Got It Right on Day 1


1.  They selected the best player in the draft with the #1 overall pick, Myles Garrett.  He might be a bust, pass rushers have a higher bust rate in the New NFL than other selections, but the Browns didn’t reach for a QB and made the right decision.

2.  Two first round picks in 2018 because they were one of the teams who benefited from teams moving up to select a QB this year.  Kansas City, trading with Buffalo to select Patrick Mahomes from Texas Tech and Houston trading with the Browns to select Deshaun Watson.  In a year when there wasn’t a franchise QB, a clear cut #1 QB choice, teams mortgaged portions of their farms to select them.  In 2018, when there’s 3 franchise QBs entering the draft?  Let the tanking for Sam Darnold or Josh Rosen begin now.

3.  Selecting Jabrill Peppers at #25.  The New NFL hybrid S/LB, and filling a huge need in the secondary.  Peppers was all over the draft board amongst the prognosticators … Top 15 choice, second round choice, mid second round choice, and an issue with the diluted sample made him available at #25.

4.  Trading back into the first round … moving up 4 picks and giving up a third day selection to select Miami TE David Njoku.  Some analysts had him rated as the best TE, ahead of OJ Howard, and while Gary Barnidge has done well for the Browns, he’ll be 32 this season.  The New NFL and these practically supermen TEs exploiting the middle of the field, it’s nice to see Cleveland add someone of Njoku’s caliber to an already underrated offense.

5.  They didn’t play QB day 1.  Let the tanking for Josh Rosen begin.  or Josh Allen.  Or Mason Rudolph.  or Luke Falk.  These are the names you’ll be hearing next year (and during the 2017-2018 College Football Season) if you’re team Still doesn’t have a franchise QB.

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