A Salute to House Speaker Ryan

Speaker Ryan. #bring back the #beard

Speaker Ryan. #bring back the #beard

A salute to you Sir.  You took the job Nobody Wanted and are attempting to Run the House coupled with the Party of Lincoln being hijacked by Donald Trump, an individual who Does Not Represent the Core Values of the Republican Party.  Conservative American Values.

You’re a courageous leader Mr. Ryan.  You’re doing an excellent job, as Party Leader, it’s your Responsibility to Endorse the Presumptive Nominee of Your Party House StrongMan Ryan. You’re also third in line for succession to the Executive Branch of the American Government.

It’s your Responsibility as Republican Party Leader to Question DoJs Investigation into Democratic Presumptive Nominee Hillary Clinton.  The process Exists in our System of Government for the Lower House of the American Congress to Provide OverSight.

The proceedings with Director Comey will be enjoyable to Observe.  Social Media and 24 Hour News Changed The Way We Observe the Democratic Process of the Federal Republic that is the United States of America, especially in 2016, the Most Fascinating Election in our Nations Young History since 1800.

Delegate Selection Process for Nominees to Head Their Party on the Executive Branch Ballot in November 2016.  Our founding fathers Designed the Electoral College as a Fail Safe if The American People made the Wrong Choice in the Election.  This process of Delegates selecting the nominee to head the Republican Party in Novembers Election is No Different.  The Delegates meeting in Cleveland in a couple weeks can Technically (Legalese) vote for whoever they want on the First Ballot, including a Write In Candidate, like Mitt Romney, because the Process Exists under US Constitutional Law of Delegates Not Voting for the Candidate the People Selected.

Mr. Ryan, your party is heading towards a murky future.  You’re a man of dignity, courage, and a true Leader in these Trying Times.  There’s an uphill battle in the aforementioned Electoral College … too many Blue States with Too Many Electoral College Votes …

The Republican Party, Lincoln’s Party, is in Safe Hands.  … of the people, by the people, for the people.  Thank you for your leadership.  You were practically Conscripted for the job.  And, brother, always remind them Miami was a University before Florida was a State.  Class of ’94.



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