2016 NFL Draft

Top 10 Picks

1. Los Angeles Rams – Jared Goff

2.  Philadelphia Eagles – Ezekiel Elliott

3.  San Francisco (via trade) – Carson Wentz

4.  Dallas Cowboys – Jalen Ramsey

5.  Jacksonville – Joey Bosa

6.  Baltimore – Tunsil

7.  San Diego – DeForrest Buckner

8.  Cleveland – Leonard Floyd

9.  Tampa Bay – Shaq Lawson

10.  New York Giants – Ronnie Stanley

A shocking Top 10.  More to follow.  Had to get the Elliott pick on the world wide web because it’s a prediction no one is making.  While we wait, I can write some reasons Philadelphia isn’t taking a quarterback with the second pick.

First, they gave Bradford a two year deal, $16 Million.  Chase Daniels, a ridiculous backup QB contract, 3 years, $12 Million.

Second, they already made a move up the draft board for their guy Ezekiel Elliott, moving from #13 to # 8.  They realized they had to move ahead of Jerry Jones and the Cowboys because they can’t stand the thought of Elliott destroying them twice a year in the division for the Cowboys.

The Rams took Jared Goff, as expected.  Now, does the draft get turned upside down with this second pick?  Not long to wait.

I got a new computer today … basic, laptop, a writing tool.  Putting words to the internet everyday about a variety of subjects, today, the NFL.  I’ve made a wild prediction … only a few moments to wait.

All the “experts” assumed Philly made this trade for a QB .. Wentz … Gave up 5 picks for a RB.  It’s been done before, Ditka gave up 6 for Ricky Williams.  Elliott could be the new NFL back … every down … runs, blocks, catches … is a true elite weapon out of the backfield in the New Pass First NFL.  The Eagles made their move to get him … they felt strongly they could get him no problem at #8.

Now all the Elliott to Dallas talk.  Philly made their move to #2 because they had to be in front of the Cowboys … they gave up 5 picks, but only 1 first rounder.  A second rounder in 2 years.  A lifetime in the NFL.  There’s no doubt Cleveland made a great move … two third round picks and two fourth round picks in 2016 and 2 first round picks in 2017.

Here’s the pick.  Wentz.  As expected.  Now, I get to write how the Eagles are paying their third string QB $4 Million a year.  They’ve motivated you Sam Bradford.  Contracts in the NFL are year to year it’s all about the guaranteed money … how much of your Salary Sam Bradford is guaranteed against the salary cap during your 2 year deal?  I would have to do research and I’m bummed my prediction didn’t come true.

Well San Diego, your phone is ringing off the hook and you have the opportunity to take the best athlete in the draft … Jalen Ramsey, filling a huge need because you didn’t pay Eric Weddle, he went elsewhere.

It wasn’t a prediction, necessarily, on the #2 pick in the NFL draft … I had some evidence regarding moves the Eagles had already been made in the off season and lets see if Jerry Jones gets his way in Dallas with Ezekiel Elliott or if they recognize their need for a pass rusher, Joey Bosa.  I approach “sure things” with skepticism … I ask questions … it’s what makes me an exceptional investigative journalist.

Really I’m just putting words to the internet on One of my forums.  I enjoy writing about the NFL, I get so many dead wrong …. my draft prediction for the first 10 picks being an example.

Didn’t see any of the experts selecting Bosa as San Diego’s pick.  It’s somewhat of a surprise.

Now Dallas has an opportunity to draft the best athlete in the draft … the top player available … Jalen Ramsey.  Laremy Tunsil is still available, an elite prospect, arguably the top player … regardless of position … at a position of important in the NFL, Left Tackle.

Team needs.  Dallas has a franchise Left Tackle.  Does Jerry Jones get his way or do team needs, defense … getting to the quarterback … secondary (in the new NFL, you can’t have too many talented defensive backs …

Jacksonville needs a pass rusher or LB … Myles Jack … does he end up a top 5 pick despite a knee injury causing him to miss the majority of his final collegiate season?  Jack is expected to be ready for football in 2016.

Ezekiel Elliott to the Cowboys.  some experts made that call … I had Elliott off the board so I couldn’t make the prediction.  In 4 years, when Wentz is out of the NFL … read all the elite quarterbacks in the NFL with less than 25 collegiate starts … Wentz had 23 starts in Division II.  FBS, whatever they call it now … and Ezekiel Elliott is torturing teams for the Dallas Cowboys, especially you Philadelphia Eagles, remember you passed on him.

Elliott brings an explosiveness to the New NFL especially to a healthy Dallas Cowboys …. it’s superbowl 51 or bust for the Cowboys this year.  Bosa was off the board.  Sometimes the NFL Draft is easy.

Jacksonville took to the best player in the 2016 NFL Draft.  Baltimore gets the second best player in the draft, Tunsil.  Ozzie Newsome has a way of winning NFL Drafts.  For a long time now.  It will be a tough decision to move on from Flacco … that contract is awful in 2 years … and Tunsil falling into your lap at #6, filling a huge need … Some franchises in the NFL are always going to be competitive.  When was the last time Baltimore got a top 10 pick in the NFL Draft?  Ozzie Newsome has to put together winning teams through solid draft picks.  Tough Free Agent decisions.  Look at the mess in Cleveland … wouldn’t we love Ozzie Smith making decisions for the Browns?

Do they take Tunsil?  Buckner from Oregon would make sense too …. Wow, Baltimore took a lineman but not Tunsil .. Stanley from ND who made a jump in the expert mock drafts … him being the first lineman off the board opposed to Tunsil, it’s not a total surprise.

San Francisco might pick Paxton Lynch.  Panic.  Tunsil and DeForest Buckner being available at pick #7 is unexpected  I’m a terrible writer. I get the thoughts down .. into words … editing isn’t really my thing.  I do the writing, someone else does the editing.

They’re explaining Tunsil’s slide.  Social media … video/pictures of what appears to be drug use.

Tunsil is going to continue to slide.

Cleveland picking soon.  Buckner would be ideal although in the new NFL … the “get to the QB guy … the DE/LB hybrid — Khalil Mack in Oakland … high bust rate.  Myles Jack is Top 5 talent and fills a big need at LB.

Good choice San Franciso, you didn’t panic about QB and got one of the six best athletes at #7.

You’re on the clock Cleveland.  There’s been a trade?

Indeed there’s been a trade … Cleveland got more picks.  Did they trade to get their guy Tunsil?  Tennessee … Nope.  Jack Conklin … Curious to learn the additional picks Cleveland obtained.  Full blown rebuilding mode in Cleveland and they chose wisely not to put their franchise in the hands of a guy with 23 starts in Division II – FBS … whatever they call it now …

Tampa Bay is on the clock .. best pass rusher available …

Another Trade … Chicago traded up … well, safe to say my predictions for the 2016 NFL Draft are 0 for 10.  All this trading, two offensive linemen not named Tunsil going in the first 8 picks and now another trade for another team who needs a pass rusher.

I was correct in one of my predictions – DeForest Buckner was the 7th player selected … I predicted a trade with the 3rd pick and with these trades rolling in for the 8th and 9th overall selections, safe to say the “experts” maybe got 5 out of 10 correct.

I had Leonard Floyd going 8th overall … the New York Giants select next … they were huge spenders this off season … and they need an offensive lineman.  Do we see a third Ohio State Buckeye being drafted in the Top 10?  The Buckeyes have a chance to tie a record with 6 selections in the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft.

We do see a third ohio state player in the top 10 a complete surprise in Eli Apple.  The experts had him late in the first round … No one saw these Top 10 picks coming … It was true, Goff and Wentz were virtual locks … Myles Jack and Laremy Tunsil being available after the first 10 picks shows you can’t predict the New NFL and the New, very popular, NFL Draft

Tampa is on the clock.  Pass rusher.  Shaq Lawson.

New Orleans followed by Miami.  The Raiders pick #14 … there may be hope in Oakland, with the right pick of the next 8-10 defensive Studs … defensive linemen, linebackers, cornerbacks … Vernon Hargreaves still out there, he’d make sense for Tampa.

in 2016, picking 11-22 offers a plethora of options on the defensive side of the ball … low risk options … there’s offensive linemen … low risk.

Hargreaves to Tampa.  A’Shawn Robinson, Derron Lee (ohio state), Reggie Ragland, Shaq Lawson, Sheldon Rankins, Jarran Reed … Taylor Decker (ohio state) and Ryan Kelly on the offensive line … until the WR run starts …

Which team starts the WR run?  Houston at 22 … Until then, roughly an hour, the names listed above are the names you’re going to hear in no particular order.  Myles Jack, top 5 talent, is still available.  I want to see what Cleveland does when it’s their turn … Defense.

New Orleans pick is in … Rankins from Louisville.  Raider fans are kind of sad right now … A’Shawn Robinson will be there Raider Nation …. Miami on the clock followed by Oakland and Cleveland ….

Cleveland essentially gets two first round picks in 2016.  The first pick of the second round is technically pick 32 because the Patriots again punished in the first round for shenanigans.  Where there’s smoke, there might be fire … Luckily for Bill Belichick this is the year for second round defensive linemen … and you pick twice … back to  back … picks 60 and 61 in the second round with a 2 year window for a 5th Brady/Belichick superbowl  They want it.

Miami selected Laremy Tunsil.  Took their chance … offensive linemen in the first round are safe picks … as safe as they come in the NFL.  If I had ambition, I would look up the statistics and write 500 words on why offensive linemen are safe picks … the statistics on second round defensive linemen being safe picks … a 50% chance to be a 3 year NFL starter … a second round defensive linemen ….

I’m not trying to be an NFL beat writer.  Just trying to write … it doesn’t matter subject matter, it’s important to write every day.  Today, I write about the NFL Draft … a live blog if you will while the selections are made …

Raiders on the clock.  There’s reason for hope in Oakland, with the right pick on the defensive line, even Myles Jack … risk but a really high reward … it’s an important pick Raider Nation …

Karl Joseph?  I’m not sure I saw a mock draft with his name in the first round.  You missed an opportunity Raider Nation ….

Cleveland … Myles Jack … filling a need by the departed Karlos Dansby … let the aging free agents leave … we’re starting over in Cleveland bringing metrics to the NFL.  Safe draft picks … building a team with decisions made on statistics and data … measureables … what makes an NFL team successful?

You have a chance on continuing to win the 2016 Draft by picking Jack.  Taking a chance … Top 5 talent ….

Well Cleveland, taking the Baylor WR to have the Baylor QB throw to in 2016 … I understand … WR is a huge need.  I think you reached here … but you just hit the panic button on WR …

Lions on the clock.  A’Shawn Robinson … adding him on your defensive line makes you better in 2016 but Calvin just retired and the experts I read didn’t have the Lions taking a WR.  Never made sense to me …

Taylor Decker, the fourth buckeye drafted in the first 16 picks … safe pick.  Stafford needs protection.

Atlanta followed by Indianapolis and Buffalo.  Indy needs to protect their franchise QB, Andrew Luck took a beating last year … Atlanta and Buffalo need defense .. does Rex Ryan win the draft by getting Myles Jack at pick 19?

1999 words … more now that I continued to write.  My new computer is low on battery and I’ve written enough about the 2016 NFL Draft.

Atlanta picked a safety.  The New NFL you can’t predict it … Keanu Neal?  I didn’t see his name amongst the first 50 NFL picks … the experts who write their mock drafts … they had a theme … this run on secondary players is something no one saw coming.

Indianapolis picked an offensive lineman … congratulations @walterfootball 3 of 18 … you’re doing a lot better than me but I’m I prefer to write about news.  Today, the NFL Draft is News and I’m curious how many of the 32 picks you got correct with all your sources around the NFL.  So far, you’ve correctly predicted 3 of 18.  You have to get the team and the player correct for your predictions, after all, they’re based on your sources.

Buffalo picking Top 10 talent at #19.  These safeties being picked create opportunity for other teams to take advantage.

New York Jets on the clock.  Do they take Lynch?  They should just give Fitzpatrick his money, he earned it.  Too much defensive talent available unexpectedly.

Washington, Houston, Minnesota … WR needy teams … the playoff teams are getting some really good talent options in the late first round of the 2016 NFL Draft.  My computer needs to charge.  I need to take a break.  The words flowing through me like an energy.











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