2014 NHL Playoffs

The hockey beard is coming in quite nicely after two weeks. This year, for the 2014 NHL Playoffs, I’m growing a playoff beard to support the San Jose Sharks and until they are eliminated from the 2014 NHL Playoffs, I shall not shave the beard off.

And, the Columbus BlueJackets and Detroit Redwings might have caught a little of the playoff beard luck. They are both local teams for hockey to where I am living in Findlay, Ohio.

So, we’ll see what happens. And hey San Jose, just sweep LA and take a few days off while Anaheim and Dallas sort things out. How far ya going this year San Jose? Cause the beard certainly isn’t coming off while the Columbus Blue Jackets after what I saw Apr 23, 2014, in Columbus, Ohio where the Jackets rallied from three goals down to tie their best of seven series against the Pittsburgh 2 games each.

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