2014 NFL Draft

Starts in 30 minutes. I promised i would write about this. The Cleveland Browns gotta take a franchise defining quarterback with #4 pick. It’s a risk, sure, but what the fuck do the Cleveland Browns have to lose? Nothing. Manziel with the # 4 pick if he’s there. Otherwise try to get Sammy Watkins. Manziel, you’re not going to be popular in Cleveland, you gotta earn it. Bring us a championship Johnny Football. I can’t wait to see what the Browns do. These first 5 picks are going to be franchise defining. And I wish belichick was still head coach. And I they hadn’t moved to Baltimore and won two super bowls. I wish a lotta stuff in life.

I would make Manziel hold a clipboard until Brian Hoyer gets hurt again. Or can’t play cause he’s already hurt. Take some of the pressure off. In Cleveland, he doesn’t have to start day 1, Manziel. He has to earn it. Come on Cleveland Browns, bring Johnny Football to town. Or Khalil Mack I’m okay with him as well. Provided Manziel is gone. Which he’s gonna be. Johnny Manziel doesn’t make it past pick # 3 in the 2014 NFL Draft.

Cleveland don’t be the team that passed on Johnny Football. Don’t go down in history as the team that didn’t take him. Let the Texans live with being one of the teams who passed on Johnny Football who played college at Texas A & M.

And Jeff Fisher. I know you can’t pass up on Greg Robinson to protect Bradford in his year to prove it.

And Jacksonville, come on, how can you NoT take Johnny Football? Unless you take Blake Bortles. You need a QB more than Cleveland, we got Hoyer. We. Listen to me. I love NFL football. American football. It starts in 5 min. Time to turn the music down and pay attention a little bit.
And I hope you traded up to #1 tp get him. Make a statement in this draft.
10 min on the clock is a long time.

Told ya Jeff Fisher couldn’t let that big nice left tackle get by plus you pick again at #13. I wonder what WR is coming to Saint Louis? I’m one degree on separation away from meeting Jeff Fisher on a personal basis. An old friend of mine’s family has 6 suoerbowl rings over 2 generations. That’s all I will ever say. And her name was Mary, sort of. We change the names to protect the innocent and this site only tries to exaggerate slightly. My friend Mike, he doesn’t give a shit, that’s his real name that we coulda met Steve Mariucci, with a little help from my friend, Mary.

Jacksonville on the clock then Cleveland. I already told you what I thought Jacksonville should make as their pick in this draft.
Khalil Mack to the raiders. They passed on Manziel. And Cleveland has 2 first round picks again in 2015.

Now head coach Atlanta, or whoever runs shit, get someone to protect Matt Ryan’s blindside.
And hey Lovie, you’re gonna get someone to protect your QB. Or someone to catch balls. At the TE position. Then Minnesota picks. Mike is a Vikings fan, I had the opportunity between 1995 and 1999 to pick a new team and I coulda been Vikings fans. Nah. Are they gonna pass

Can’t argue bringing in someone solid to play opposite Joe Haden. That’s a need. I’m speechless right now.
Minnesota picks next is Johnny Football gonna come save Minnesota?

We switched channels to NBA basketball. Playoffs. How many boards did you have tonight against the Nets Mr. James?

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