2014 NFL Draft Round 2

Johnny Manziel is coming to Cleveland.  Made a web page welcoming him to Ohio.  The 2nd and 3rd rounds of the NFL draft are about an hour and half away from starting.  There is still a lot of first round talent on the board and the Cleveland Browns, who just brought a franchise QB to town, and a very talented cornerback in Justin Gilbert, and a second first round pick in 2015 (Cleveland passed on Sammy Watkins).   I’d say it was a very successful first day for the Cleveland Browns.

What does day 2 bring?  Cleveland has 2 picks scheduled … pick 35 and pick 71.  Lets hope Marqise Lee is coming to town .  With the 3rd round pick, I hope Cleveland gets another guy to help protect Manziel and open holes for Ben Tate.  A tackle.

It will also be interesting to see what happens with the remaining quarterbacks, including first round talent Derek Carr.  Minnesota snuck into the first round and grabbed Teddy Bridgewater so I have to make fun of Mike because Johnny could have come to Minnesota and saved them.

2 selections scheduled today for Cleveland and 4 scheduled tomorrow in rounds 4-7.  We need a WR, LB, OT, and depth.  Potential depth.  Rounds 4, 5, 6, 7 will be the most interesting.  The highest paid cornerback in the history of the NFL, Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks, was a 5th round pick.  A 6th round QB has won 3 superbowls.  Tom Brady.

The news just broke about Josh Gordon, who led the NFL in 2013 in receiving yards, Cleveland Browns wide receiver, who just got busted smoking weed for a second time and will be suspended for a year.  Stoner.  This makes Marqise Lee and even more viable option and is a tremendous loss for the Browns.  Welcome to Cleveland Johnny, the most cursed sports city in America.

The Houston Texans took someone to protect their Quarterback with the first pick of Day 2 in the NFL Draft.  And they took someone to rush the opposing quarterback with their first pick.  It’s what always interesting to me about the NFL Draft, teams picking players to make their team better.  And you also get some kind of statement about the current quarterback in the system.  Mike Glennon from Tampa Bay got a statement from his new head coach Lovie Smith with their first overall pick, someone to catch balls from whoever is playing QB in Tampa next season, and will make a big statement to Glennon in Day 2 of the draft as they are expected to take a possible francise QB.  And Derek Carr is still out there.  Lets see what the Cowboys did, they traded up for pick 34.  They just gave Romo money, they’ve made their investment at the QB position.  They traded up to try and replace DeMarcus Ware who signed in Denver, the team from the AFC that’s going to the superbowl for the 2014 NFL Season, unless Tom Brady has something to say about it.  Denver has made terrific off season signings in their quest for a title while Peyton Manning can still play.  And they addressed some of the needs the Seattle Seahawks exposed in their 43-8 drubbing of the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 48.  Super Bowl 50 is going to be fun, Super Bowl L.  No more XLVIII or XLIX.  Perhaps symbolizing a more simple time to come in the future.

Cleveland is on the clock and its gotta be Marqise Lee.   Tew regime knows what they’re doing and Josh Gordon was poisonous anyway.  Come be our #1, you have first round talent but slipped this far because of the depth at the position in this draft.  And we might have to spend another pick on WR with this breaking news.  And we still need someone to play LB.  I love this pick Cleveland.  He can play any position on the offensive line and this fills a huge need and with picks to play with, perhaps you’re going to trade up to grab Lee.

The Oakland Raiders are next.  I have to give a special shout out to this team, my baby mama’s husband of almost 2 years now loves the Oakland Raiders is very loyal to them.  They passed on Johnny Football, taking a badass LB instead, and now are poised to make a franchise QB attempt.  Poor Oakland.  11 straight losing seasons, most in the NFL, they’re even worse than the Browns.  And now they have their potential man, Derek Carr.  Best of luck Little Carr in Oakland, a team desperate for a positive identity.

Atlanta is next.  They got someone to protect their man Matt Ryan, now I bet they get someone for him to throw to at the TE position.  Tony Gonzalez has retired, I think.  There is first round talent TE available in round 2 and Lovie, you know you want one of them.  And no RB has been picked as of pick 37.  Trent Richardson may be the last RB to ever go in the first round of the NFL draft.  It’s now the latest in NFL Draft history that a RB hasn’t been selected.  Atlanta went with first round talent in the middle of the defensive line.  Traditional first round talent at RB is certainly out there.  I wonder who’s going to bring Ohio State’s Carlos Hyde to town?  Gotta follow the Ohio players, I’m trying to make Ohio more famous.

50/50 on my predictions.  Lovie Smith from Tampa Bay took Austin Sefarian-Jenkins.  Controlling the middle of the field through the TE position is a basic American football strategy.  Jacksonville is gonna grab Marqise Lee right now.  Someone for their franchise QB Blake Bortles to throw to.  Or they might get someone to protect him.  This is what is fun about the NFL Draft, watching teams build their franchise around the quarterback, the most important position in American football.

66% on my predictions.  Detroit is next.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they try to find someone else for their QB Matthew Stafford to throw to.  They traded up for this pick and after it’s announced, I have to go.  Plans tonight.  And tomorrow.  With people.  Have to get out and socialize amongst the people every once in a while.


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