13 Aug 13 – The Findlay Docket

That’s an ominous date, 13 Aug 13, Triskaidekaphobia is something I do not suffer from, it’s just another number.  It’s the human mind that associates negativity with this number.  Here’s some delights from today’s docket in the Findlay Courier.

A domestic tiff occurred inside a Hurd Avenue home Sunday.

The word choice.  So many words for disagreement.  Yet, that’s a lot of what police help with, disagreement.

Percocet was purloined from a GMC Envoy somewhere in Findlay on Monday.

Percocet was pilfered from a purse belonging to a Cass Township woman at an unspecified location. The theft was noted Aug. 7.

Wow, it’s an exciting time for Percocet owners in Findlay, Ohio.  Theft of the medication is obviously on the rise.

A rural Findlay man was being sought Sunday after sending profane texts and making vulgar Facebook notations toward his ex-wife.

I would normally make a wise crack about something like this, but after the guy in Florida killed his wife and posted the picture on facebook, I’d say the police have to do their due diligence about a report like this.  If this rural Findlay man killed his ex-wife after this incident were reported, and did nothing, they would be liable.  Facebook is no place to be calling your ex-wife a whore.

A rural Vanlue youth was escorted to a juvenile detention facility for domestic violence and criminal mischief after threatening his parents and damaging household items during an outburst Sunday.

Ahh, the scared straight method.  It’s nice an unruly teen can actually be prosecuted by their parents opposed to an empty threat.  We’ll be on the look out for any unruly Vanlue youth’s in our communities.

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